Create Windows 10 Installation Media

Next we’ll walk through the steps required to get Windows 10 up and running on a virtual machine in Virtualbox.

These steps include:

  • Downloading the media creation tool
  • Creating a Windows 10 ISO
  • Creating a new Windows 10 VM from the ISO

Download the Media Creation Tool

  • Select Save File
  • Run the Media Creation (Double-click)
  • Select Yes
  • Accept the User License Agreement
  • Select “Create installation media”
  • Select Next
  • De-select “Use the recommended options for this PC”
  • Select “Windows 10” and “64-bit”
  • Select Next
  • Select “ISO file”
  • Select Next
  • Save the file to the Downloads folder
  • Name the file “Windows10”
  • Select Save
  • Select Finish
  • Open your downloads folder and you’ll find the newly created ISO